About IoE Traders

Our goal is to increase companies' revenue with at least 20%, by bringing together supply and demand in the IoT market, and to assist companies decreasing their ecological footprint.​

Doing Business from a Belief

IoE Traders is created from the concept that entrepreneurship and technological development have the potential to develop a better world for humans and animals. As a society we face many great challenges. We believe that IoT technology can play an important part in realizing sustainable and realistic solutions for these challenges. IoT makes it possible (remotely and close-by) to spare raw materials and energy sources, as a result human resources and means can be deployed in a responsible and meaningful manner.

More than a medium

Our goal is to be more than just a medium. Our marketplace and professional sales channel supports IoT suppliers so they can increase their customer base. Next to that, we develop sophisticated sales strategies for every IoT target audience. With our approach, software and hardware developers can focus on their core business: creating innovative products and services. With IoE Traders there is no need anymore to invest in time-consuming and costly development.

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It’s about connections

IoT solutions are all about connecting. That connection can only be established when hardware and software developers know where and when to find each other. We see that, because of the rapid technology developments, it’s getting more difficult to realize a profitable development. Because of the stormy developments, many IoT products don’t get to show the predefined potential. When you focus on connecting the supply and demand in the IoT field, you’ll see that it’s possible to create successful and sustainable innovation. Complete products can be developed and deployed faster into the market, targeting a certain demand. This benefits the IoT market and eventually the whole world.

Experience and Enthusiasm

IoE Traders is an initiative, founded by me: Ivo van Herwaarde. From my early years on I developed a drive to go and find my own way. In that challenge, I choose to do the things that I am good at and to do the right things to help other people. For thirteen years, I worked as an IT entrepreneur. After those years, I helped a start-up with the development of a sales department and investigating the feasibility of their concept in the IoT business.

These adventures inspired me to start a company myself because I am convinced that IoT can help make the world a better place for all human beings and the animal kingdom. My experience, but also my idealistic mindset makes me a suitable IoT sparring partner. I have a keen eye to see when IoT products can reach a realistic goal, but I also believe in the power of a new innovative idea. I get high levels of energy whenever I see new solutions develop into successful products. My motto is clear and simple: “When you Grow, I will Grow too”.