Internet of Everything


The term: Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything is a broad term that refers to devices and products that are connected to the Internet and these devices often have many digital functions, and also often very extensive. Internet of Everything has a bright future in which different technologies from many different types of devices work together. All these devices that exist around the world are all connected to the internet. This can therefore be used worldwide.

Elements of the Internet of Everything

The process

The process is the way to deliver the right data to the right person or device at the right time. The data here is more about insightful information or a promotion than a random piece. Finding a way to decipher the right information flow is crucial to make optimal use of the big data.

The data

With the increase in sources and types of data, we also need to classify and analyze the information. This in order to get useful insights. Data is actually nothing more than stand-alone data, this data can help companies improve processes through analysis of people. The organization can improve and optimize everything based on the analyzed data.

The devices

This is where we also come across Internet of Things (IoT), where we form IoT and IoE together. Internet of things is the interconnectivity of devices that send and receive information via networks such as the internet. Whenever internet signals go around, data is generated that is also collected, summarized and analyzed. With the devices, such as sensors and routers, Internet of Everything is a broad application that can be used in the world.


Why does your company have to start now?

Accelerate and accelerate all business processes. That is why it is also important for you to quickly start applying the perfect strategy to make your business run more smoothly and, above all, to save costs. The internet of everything is expected to reinvent the business wheel. New business processes, new models for business moments and so on.

Everything is expected to change with the change in data available for new decision making that will be better and faster. By using the Internet of Everything, anyone can generate new insights to make decisions. Make decisions at every stage of the business to better guide it. A large number of measurements in the company also provide new types of information that can be used to gain qualitative insights. These insights are converted into quantitative numbers.

Companies working on the Internet of Everything

Many companies already work with IoT and IoE products to measure everything that can be measured. HealthCare is an important application that will be progressive, because a lot can be gained here. Companies like Nike and Adidas are already working on this, to conquer the health industry with their products based on IoT and IoE.

Google and Tesla set up self-driving cars that also serve as one of the products that fall under the Internet of Everything. These cars pass on real-time data to the companies behind it.

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Internet of Everything in 2020

By 2020, the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything and everything around it will again have doubled as expected. As we see, it is therefore a hugely growing phenomenon that is getting more and more grip and will grow faster. There will still be many investigations into all devices and elements that will continue to exist with the Internet Of Everything. The ROI and complexity associated with the technology will also have to be investigated in 2020.

Internet of Everything, a huge development that will grow fast.