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What is IoT?

Internet of Thing (IoT), also known as the Internet of Things, is a computer concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects that are connected to the Internet and can identify with other devices. The term is closely identified with RFID as the communication method, although it may also include other sensor technologies, wireless technologies or QR codes.

The IoT is important because an object that can digitally represent itself becomes slightly larger than the object itself. The object is no longer only related to the user, but is now connected to surrounding objects and database data.

IoT solutions in 2019

How data is collected and implemented determines how transformational IoT can become. Security increases exponentially as devices that were once isolated, interconnected and more and more information is collected. As with most disruptive technologies, solutions are developed by a wide range of providers who promote their own approaches that can also influence internet connectivity. The realization of the ambitious visions of IoT solutions requires considerable efforts in the field of standardization.

IoT solutions in 2020

IoT solutions just like the smartphone market

The IoT is starting to flourish as the smartphone market flourished ten years ago, when app stores reached the mainstream and craftsmen could really continue to tinker. App developer programs are starting to appear, and these will allow highly educated developers with a wide range of backgrounds to efficiently create new solutions that leverage the data and capabilities that IoT systems and platforms offer. In 2020, the IoT market will grow enormously and also fast.

IoT solutions and climate change

IoT solutions have demonstrated a legitimate potential to improve the quality and sustainability of human life, whether they help people increase agricultural yields or reduce resource consumption. As the alarm bubbles for climate change get louder, the public’s expectations for IoT-driven solutions will grow to provide cleaner air and water and more efficient use of resources.

IoT solutions and Artificial Intelligence

IoT growth requires the input of more data from more connected systems. That fact will shift the focus from the capabilities of the IoT devices themselves to the ever deeper data pools that they create.

Moving through those data pools quickly and on a scale requires a great deal of formal discipline and even more computing power. Data scientists and their AI assistants will have just as much influence on the next transformative IoT project as the makers of the hardware and software.

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