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Our IoE marketplace gives IoE developers the opportunity to increase their sell-out in several creative ways.

IoE Traders No cure No Pay

Kickback fee (per transaction)*
Setup cost per vendor**
€ 0,-
Sell direct on the marketplace
Yes, up to €1.000
Referral for customization
* Only for the first 3 months after joining ** Limited availability
Company listing
Visitor count
Connect to other vendor solutions
Full control own webshop

What can IoE Traders do for you?

Independent platform

At the IoE Traders marketplace we like to keep it simple, accessible and transparent. Meaning that we offer the same deal to all listed vendor on the marketplace. Because of this, we can remain independently and provide our end-users with the right products. As an IoE matchmaker our most important task is to combine supply and demand in the most attractive way.

Operating from your own strength

As an innovating tech company, what gives you the most energy? Exactly, the development of innovative products and solving technological issues. What we like to do most is supporting companies with the sales of their developed solutions. We love online sales & marketing and exploring new markets. In short, we offer you our sales & marketing expertise so that you can focus on the development of innovative concepts.

No cure No Pay

Our service is based on the no cure no pay principle. In terms of our marketplace this means that, as a vendor you only pay once a product is sold on our platform. As a company you can list and display your products free of cost, you’ll pay us a commission only after a transaction is completed.

The IoE Traders Marketplace

Our IoE marketplace gives IoE developers the opportunity to increase their sell-out in several creative ways. One of our four subscription models can be used for this. As an example, the IoE Traders marketplace is built to develop innovative business models so that the end-user can get direct access to IoE hardware, software and connectivity.

The marketplace is a traditional way for IoE developers to offer their IoE products straight to business customers, based on their own distribution model for purchasing and sales.

Searching companies

Searching companies get free access to the marketplace that gives them a comfortable way to obtain IoE hardware, software or connectivity that fit their business process.


On the other hand, IoE developers can use the marketplace to sell products based on several criteria, such as a good description of the items, but also the purpose. IoE companies that develop solutions that increase the safety of humans or save the environment get a special priority position on the IoE Traders marketplace. IoE Traders embraces IoE products and offers a tailor-made solution for developers, so they can get specific advice how to market IoE and deploy a successful sales strategy.

IoE Traders benefits for IoE developers

  • IoE developers and startups can get direct access to the IoE Traders marketplace, including a professional sales capacity so that they can immediately start selling their products to the right target audience.
  • The marketplace gives developers confidence, so they can focus and enjoy what they do best: developing innovative IoE solutions.
  • Thanks to the IoE Traders marketplace, IoE providers save up to tens and thousands of euro’s on development costs, because there is no need to invest in difficult long-term business models that need to generate quick earnings.

IoE Traders benefits for purchasers within IT companies

  • The Internet of Everything industry is changing rapidly into a black box of more than six billion IoE devices. IoE Traders marketplace gives purchasers a clear view on all kind of IoE products that fit the specific need of each IT company.
  • Companies that are interested in IoE hardware or software don’t need to invest in complex IoE services. IoE Traders connects business with IoE developers. We carefully select IoE solutions that fit the need of several different B2C and B2B business segments, within a
    glance. The IoE Traders marketplace offers every IT reseller or IT company ready-to-use solutions that fit within the interest of their business.


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