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Partnership IoE Traders and Stripe Connect

Thanks to Stripe Connect service, companies can easily use the IoE Traders marketplace in a safe way. Stripe Connect ensures a secure platform to exchange payments between IoE services and organizations.

What is Stripe Connect?

Stripe Connect can be seen as a marketplace for payment traffic that can be used by IT marketplaces such as IoE Traders. The Stripe Connect platform serves as a safe portal so that companies can purchase IoE products and services on the IoE marketplace. This tool also makes sure that all IoE services are being traded following strict guidelines that the Dutch Bank has drawn up for 2018.

Hoe does Stripe Connect work?

Throughout the online IoE Traders portal, you can easily register yourself as a new user.This goes by a simple click on the “add your solution” button. After that, you can see all your payments on a user dedicated dashboard page and you can start trading IoE products and services. .

What are the costs?

The costs of Stripe Connect are passed on to all customers using the IoE platform at no extra charge. This goes through a monthly subscription from which the customer can choose: Silver, Gold or Platinum. Finally, there are costs per transaction made through the platform, without any extra hidden costs. Stripe Connect provides a reliable relationship between professional IoE providers and companies that are willing to offer IoE products and services on the IoE marketplace..

The benefits of the partnership between IoE Traders and Stripe

  • Easy insights into several IoE transactions.
  • A safe way for transactional traffic.
  • No additional hidden costs.