Smart Home devices

You Too Can Make Your Home Smart With These Devices

The concept of smart homes is fast becoming a trend thanks to various breakthroughs we have experienced over the years in both the IoT and AI space. As such, we have so many amazing smart gadgets in the market today that the average homeowner can use to transform his/her living space into a technologically advanced ecosystem that could do his/her bidding effortlessly and instantaneously. With Smart Home Devices you can make a better place for internet of everything.

In light of the colossal innovative progress recorded so far, we will take a look at some of the most impressive smart gadgets available in the market. But first.

What Are Smart Homes?

Smart home basically involves the connection of home appliances to your WiFi network in order to help them communicate with each other as well as obey to voice control or even a simple command from an app on your mobile device. As expected, we already have an interesting scramble between established names, as well as startups, in the tech industry for a sizeable share of the smart home appliance market, which experts believe would have a global worth of $107.4 billion by 2023 by 2023.

Selecting The Best Smart Appliances For Your Home

Smart Speakers

If you would recall, smart speakers where the first range of smart devices that made the concept of smart home popular. As a matter of fact, Amazon’s Echo ranks as one of the most efficient and widely used smart speakers. Its inbuilt AI assistant, Alexa, has the capacity to control other smart devices connected to it. Also, Google’s version of the same device comes with Google Assistant that could transform your space into a smart haven.

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Smart Thermostats

Like smart speakers, smart thermostats were also one of the first range of smart devices introduced into the market. And already we have the likes of Ecobee4 and Nest Learning Thermostat with sensors that could help them determine the ideal time to turn on and off their temperature controlling system. This is quite useful as it is energy efficient and it also saves users the stress that comes with manually regulating them.

Smart Plugs

Using Smart plugs is perhaps the fastest and cheapest way to transform your homes into a smart ecosystem, even if most of your gadgets still has the traditional design. Once you plug one of these into your electrical outlet, they function as a smart intermediary between you and any device plugged into the smart plug’s outlet so that you can control the device with your smartphone.

Light Control

Smart lighting system allows your home to automatically turn on the light as soon as you step through the door. In fact, you can control them remotely while you at the driveway. In addition to this, they help are energy efficient.

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As we all know, adequate security is one of the most important things to put in place in our homes and with the latest range of smart security systems in vogue today, you can bolster your home’s security. In most cases, they come with cameras that allow you to access live footages of your house from anywhere in the world. Also, there are now smart locks that require biometric elements and face or voice recognition before granting anyone access into your abode.


With the rate at which companies are introducing smart gadgets, it is only a matter of time before the smart concepts become the conventional topic. In light of this, you can make your way to the smarter side of life by adopting any of the smart appliances highlighted above.