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Tech companies and service providers are trying to find new IoE solutions for the greater audience. High R&D costs of hardware, combined with the lack of knowledge regarding data processing, connectivity and smart hardware solutions, cause great obstacles to successfully match this market to the business-to-business and business-to-consumers market. Because of this situation, the IoE market is becoming a black box where the product portfolio and wishes of the end-user are no longer clear. The end-user faces a difficult challenge to find a suitable hardware solution. Above all, the IoE industry is growing exponentially. Therefore a lot of IoE products are not getting the proper attention that they deserve. Developers are pacing to wrapping up one project and are already focusing on the next innovation.

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IoE Traders delivers a solution by giving companies access to an international marketplace where supply and demand for hardware, software and connectivity suppliers comes together. The IoE Traders online marketplace brings IoE developers closer to numerous business markets, Throughout a tailor made sales strategy (online and offline) developers can gain efficiency by offering their products in a specific reseller marketplace. The IoE resellers offer the products or service subsequently to a targeted group of end-users. The marketplace also delivers feedback from the business-to-business market that can be of help to adapt future products towards end-users.

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The IoE Traders Marketplace

The marketplace offers developers several creative ways to increase their revenue. For example, developers can experiment with new earning models towards end-users, based on one or more specific IoE products.

The marketplace is a traditional way for IoE manufacturers to offer their IoE products straight to business-to-business customers.

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  • The marketplace gives IoE suppliers access to a professional sales strategy.
    Companies (start-ups) that recently initiated IoE activities, can get direct access to the IoE. Traders marketplace with a large sales capacity, combined with the right market.
  • IoE Traders helps you find the right customers.
  • Companies (startups) that have recently started with IoE hardware development can use IoE Traders to gain direct access to a large sales capacity and the right market.
  • With the help of IoE Traders, developers can focus on their core business: creating innovative Internet of Everything products and services.

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  • IoE hardware and software suppliers save massively on the expanding R&D costs. The marketplace connects suppliers and customers such as IT integrators, web shops and telecom providers.
  • Thanks to the IoE Traders marketplace, the (end)user doesn’t need to invest in the development of hardware solutions.
  • Every reseller can offer ready-to-use solutions for every business segment. As a result resellers can save up to tens and thousands of euro’s on development costs.
  • Due to the IoE Traders marketplace, IoE suppliers can focus on their own business and save tens and thousands of euro’s. There is no need any more for building complex hardware or software revenue models.

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